Izzy Dunfore is a super-charged energetic performer.  Being a hip hop artist originally from Small Town, Iowa, Izzy has been turning heads and breaking down what he calls "the doubt."  Today, Izzy is working on his 7th studio album, and is looking forward to making his return to the live performance and touring.

Izzy Dunfore is a name taken from the question: Is He Done For?  There is an answer to the name, which is also an extended attitude... NEVER!!

With his microphone gun, Izzy Dunfore has performed with a number of artists all over the country.  He has entertained audiences of all sizes for the past decade and continues to make his presence felt by way of strong character, admirable talent, and an undeniable love for his craft and for his fans. 

Currently, Izzy has his sites set on growing his audience and looks forward to returning to the stage with a new set for everyone to enjoy.  He is presently writing and recording his next project, and hopes to have some new music released very soon.

Right here's my microphone gun, On Top iz the spot, I'm hot below none... With a flow, it explodes, blows your ear drum, Izzy told you before, he's no where near done...